Development & Design

Customized Software Development and Design

When it comes to customized software development and design services, Suvisoft is one of the successful niches that you can find in the industry. Suvisoft provides the comprehensive process on software implementation, software enhancements & upgrades, software deployment, and software quality assurance testing. The main customized software development and design services that Suvisoft provides include unlimited software systems maintenance & support, re-engineering, peer-to-peer enterprise integration solutions, enterprise application development, high-end application development of client-server, and desktop application development.

The software engineers of Suvisoft have proven background and profound experience in different programming languages that include Microsoft Visual C#.Net, C++.Net, C++, Borland Delphi, and other Windows technologies and tools that are gained from successful delivery and implementation of customized software solutions in various vertical industries.

Since every business or company today would prefer a well-conceived and fundamental technology solution for their system, Suvisoft can provide a team of experienced technical consultants who can aid in choosing the appropriate customized software solution by analyzing financial, operational, technical, and functional requirements. All consulting engagements of Suvisoft begin with understanding and defining the business issues within the company. The consultants from Suvisoft do not only seize on the specific needs of the company but also attempt to capture exactly what the company seeks.

Suvisoft’s team of consultants is very attentive to details and commences reflective requirements analysis, strategic planning, and needs assessments. All required issues are covered by the team for your customized software design and development. Suvisoft follows a refined and standardized process of software development that provides a scalable and flexible framework for delivering projects regardless of complexity or size as long as it has high quality, within the budget, and on time for both existing and future IT challenges of their clients. Such methodology is applied to every customized project on software application development in order to ensure the reliability and quality of products that Suvisoft develops for its clients.

Suvisoft embraces the idea of providing full set of services that include customized software engineering, system re-development & re-designing, project rescue, new and new product development. It also embraces the idea of designing elaborate customized software solutions. Apart from the consulting services mentioned above, among the set of customized software development and design services that Suvisoft offers include business processes optimization & automation, technology recommendations, application development, backup solutions, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, extranets or intranets, wireless software & VOIP solutions, web development, video & audio streaming solutions, electronic shops, multimedia rich portals, online auctions & marketplaces, remote consulting communities, social networks & communities, and web applications.

Compared to other companies, the development expertise of Suvisoft can deliver the solution to their customers the fastest. Suvisoft’s combined expertise in telecommunications industry, retail, healthcare, banking & finance, oil & gas, and media & entertainment, and broad technology portfolio. The consulting team of Suvisoft does not only deliver solution that can precisely match the requirements of a company but its analyst will work to prepare all required technical documentations as well as identify the problem areas.